Branded Graphics Made Easy with RelayThat

branded graphics with RelayThat

Branded graphics.  If you’re using social media, you’ve seen them, the images that you recognize right away as belonging to a certain business.  It’s the holy grail of marketing images and many small and solo entrepreneurs believe that branded graphics are only for the big boys with graphics departments.  While that may have been true in the past, creating images that fit your personal brand is doable even for those of us running the whole show alone.

First let’s talk a bit about what I call ‘branded graphics’. It’s all about creating graphics for your blog posts, social media posts and even ads that can easily be identified as yours. It can be accomplished by using consistent colors and fonts as well as choosing images that fit whatever your personal brand is.  

I’ve known about branded graphics for awhile now, I’ve even attempted to create them a time or two but the truth is, creating one branded graphic is cool, recreating it to fit each and every platform I want to share it on is not so cool.  That’s a lot of reworking and resizing. Most of all, it’s a lot of time that I often don’t have when I’m busy creating graphics for clients.

Until I discovered RelayThat.

RelayThat claims you can instantly build on brand images for every channel you want to share them on. Which sounds too good to be true, right? 

I thought so too until I decided to give it a try.  Check out my review video to see what I discovered.

I was lucky enough to find a lifetime deal for RelayThat on AppSumo. Without the deal, it’s still worth the cost for those who post to many different platforms and want consistency in their images as well as for those who create graphics for clients. And that’s why you’ll find RelayThat on my list of recommendations.


Tina Marie Hilton provides online technology services to forward thinking businesses. She writes on her Tips from T.Marie business blog to share insight and information with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also makes her feel like that certificate in creative writing isn't going to waste completely.