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Let's talk results driven online technology services

Anyone can tell you their services can help you, but how many can really deliver? You don't just want help, you want results. Results driven online technology services is my focus.

You are overworked, stressed and unable to grow your business.  The idea of working with a virtual services provider sounds great in theory. If you could be sure you'd get results you'd jump in with both feet. Get ready to jump, because I'm going to share a fact with you.

I've been consistently delivering results to my clients since 2007.


What Can I do for You?

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* An Average website design- no specialties (forums, etc.), no custom graphics, few pages of content can cost 1,200 to 2,500 dollars. With more customization and it's not unusual for it to cost up to 6,000 or more.

What exactly do results driven online technology services look like? Here are a few recent client projects included, but weren't limited to:

  • Assisted a client in adding SEO values to their website
  • Created custom graphics for a client's information product and website
  • Designed and created a campaign website
  • Added online payment options to several membership forms
  • Compiled a first chapter incentive for an author's mailing list signup
  • Researched payroll services and created a spreadsheet for easy comparison
  • Moved a blog to a new hosting service
  • Composed custom images with inspiration quotes to be used on social media
  • Built a customized sales pages for book and ebook sales
  • Designed and built an author website.
  • Implemented an automated membership form system
  • Set up of event pages with sign up forms on their website
  • Compilation and creation of information products
  • Set up of shopping cart for information product sales
  • Creation of presentations for both web-based and live events
  • Creation of handouts for presentations
  • Formatting, preparation and publishing of blog posts
  • Adding ad banners to website
  • Creating custom graphics for information product and event sales
  • Compilation of client provided content into monthly email newsletter
  • File management on cloud services (Dropbox, Box.net, etc.)
  • Creation of online forms
  • Managed guest post blog series, communicating with guest authors, setting up schedule, formatting, preparing and publishing posts