Remote Assistance Helping Your Business Run More Efficiently With Online Technologies

Offering Online Technology Help for Businesses

Online Technology Help for Businesses includes:assistance with: Webinars • eBooks • Online Courses • Online Document Storage • Online Project Management • Cloud-Based Software as a Service • Cloud & Remote Office Setup Consulting • WordPress Website Creation and Maintenance • Custom Website Graphics • Blogging • Video Blogging • Slide Presentations and more

What Is An Online Technology Consultant...and How Can One Help You?

An OTC provides the online technology help for businesses that they need to adopt and use that technology in order to run smoother, faster and more efficiently.  From electronic documents and cloud storage to assistance with building and maintaining WordPress websites, an online technology consultant can help your business run smarter.

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Here are some startling Small Business Statistics

are overwhelmed by tech choices

...even though they are aware it can help them run their business easier and more efficiently.

don't have a website

...even though having an online presence is so critical it's been shown to make or break a business, particularly small businesses.

use social media

...even though  83% of Americans have a social media account and 12 new social media users are registered every second.

Not Sure Where to Start?

You know adopting online technology is critical to stay in step with the way people find and work with businesses today. It's not knowing where to start that's stopping you.

We can work together to determine the unique needs of your business. From road-maps designed to bring your business into the digital age, steps for moving your office to the cloud and simple ways to start leveraging the power of the internet for your business, you can count on solid advice based on experience, not just book knowledge.

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An Office Full of Specialists

Working with me is like having the following specialists in your office:

  • Online Technology/Business Manager
  • Online Business Specialist
  • Electronic Document Specialist
  • WordPress Website Security Management Specialist
  • Online Business Development Specialist
  • WordPress Website Developer
  • WordPress Website Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Presentation Specialist
  • Content Manager
  • Online Communications Specialist
  • Online Course Development Specialist
  • Information Product Specialist
  • Online Technology Adoption Consultant

Are you ready to move your business forward?

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Client Love Notes

"This week I launched a new program, put out 2 newsletter issues, soon to release profiles of Lawyer Pioneers in Law Uninvented this week & presenting on energy + blockchain Thursday (on top of law practice) . HUGE shoutout to my amazing VA @TMarieHilton who powers all of this!"

Carolyn Elefant,
Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant &

"We are beyond thrilled with our new website designed and created by Tina at Clerical Advantage. ...We started seeing results and had new customers finding us and contacting us via the new website within just a few days!! We would highly recommend Tina and Clerical Advantage to anyone looking to have a new amazing website created!"

- Sean & Angela Kelly - Kelly's Ice Cream Truck

"This company is easy to work with, reasonably priced, and has fast turnaround. She is expert at what she does with great customer service. She is a great combination, both tech savvy and creative. I've worked with Clerical Advantage for years now and I am highly satisfied with every bit of work they’ve done for me. Hire Clerical Advantage now and watch your own business grow."

Kathryn Ramsperger
Author, Shores of Our Souls

"Tina is patient with people like myself who are not computer literate, she makes things easier to understand with thorough explanations, and her turn around time is exceptional. Tina did for me in less than two weeks what took four months with someone else. "

Sarah Ayoub
Author and Blogger