Customize Your Zoom Background for Your Home Business

customize your zoom background for your home business

It seems like everyone is using Zoom for video conferencing during this time of social distancing due to Covid-19.  Students and teachers are using it for learning. Friends and family are using it to keep in touch and more businesses are using it now that many of their workers have moved to working remotely.  Some of us have been using it all along to communicate from our home offices.  Did you know you can customize your Zoom background for your home business?

Using Zoom is a great way to connect from a distance. It also has the awesome feature of letting you use a virtual background, meaning you can hide those dirty dishes in the background or disguise the fact that your home office is also your bedroom.  You can use any picture as a background, from a traditional office to a tropical beach.  You can find images on stock photo sites like Unsplash and Pexels. Even better is the fact that you can take whatever image you choose and add your logo for branding purposes.  And best of all it’s pretty easy.

In the videos below I show you how to add a logo to a background in both Photoshop CC and CanvaPsst. If you don’t want to go looking for a base background image to add your logo to and like the looks of mine,  I give you the option to download four of them at the end of this article.  

How to Customize a Zoom Background in Photoshop CC

How to Customize a Zoom Background with Canva

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Download My Free Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Get four virtual backgrounds to use with Zoom or other video conferencing services that have a virtual background option. These backgrounds were created by T.Marie Hilton and feature her mixed media artwork.

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