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Online Technology

A key to home business success is learning how to use online technology to streamline the way your business runs.

Online Tech Every Business Owner Should Know & Understand

March 19, 2024
online tech every business owner should know

Just like you, I love the sense of adventure that comes with running our own shows. But when it comes to the online world, it’s not just about swashbuckling through cyberspace – we need to be well-armed with knowledge too. So let’s chat about the techy stuff that can make or break our businesses. Here…

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Demystifying Tech Stacks for Small Businesses: Empowering Your Work-Life Balance

October 17, 2023
tech stacks for small businesses

Are you an entrepreneur on a mission to create a successful small business without letting it consume your life? One of the keys to achieving this balance is understanding the concept of a “tech stack.” In this article, I’ll demystify tech stacks for small businesses and explore how they can empower your work-life balance. What…

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How Home Businesses Can Keep Up with Digital Trends and Tools

August 18, 2023
keep up with digital trends

In today’s fast-changing business world, it’s really important for small and home-based businesses to keep up with digital trends. Using digital tools and keeping an eye on new things happening online isn’t just a choice anymore – it’s something you really need to do to succeed. The internet is changing quickly, and using digital tools…

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Cloudy with a Chance of Files: Unlocking the Potential of Cloud-Based File Storage

June 16, 2023
cloud-based file storage

No matter what type of home business you may be running, storing files and information are part of the package. That used to mean digging through cluttered desktops, searching for lost USB drives, and the frustrations of figuring out how to share files. These days you don’t need clunky file cabinets anymore. With cloud-based file…

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Facebook is Down! This is Why Your Business Should Never Rely On Social Media

October 4, 2021
never rely on social media

Back in 2015 I wrote an article about using a social media page as your website.  Today Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down. In fact, they are still offline as I write this article.   I can’t help but wonder how many businesses are in a panic because they use a Facebook page as their website. …

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Customize Your Zoom Background for Your Home Business

March 31, 2020
customize your zoom background for your home business

It seems like everyone is using Zoom for video conferencing during this time of social distancing due to Covid-19.  Students and teachers are using it for learning. Friends and family are using it to keep in touch and more businesses are using it now that many of their workers have moved to working remotely.  Some…

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You Should Be Downsizing Your Images

November 20, 2019
downsize your images

Business today is image driven.  Photos are key in social media posts, blog posts and for product sales.  Smart phones have made taking these needed photos easy, however often the size of these photos is well beyond what is needed.  Using images with a large file size can slow down your website dramatically.  Sites like…

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