What is a Business Creative?

what is a business creative ?

Over the course of the last two posts, I’ve been talking about three new terms I’ve begun using here on my website and the Tips from T.Marie blog.  They also happen to describe the type of businesses I provide services to.  Those terms, solopreneur, coaches and business creatives are relatively new terms in the business world, although their use is increasing.  My first post focused on solopreneurs and my second on coaches.  You know by process of elimination that this post is going to focus on business creatives.  But just what is a business creative?

A business creative is also known as a creative entrepreneur.  They use both left and right sides of the brain to run their business and generate money.  The types of business creatives are as numerous and varied as creativity itself.  In my experience providing services to them, the following are some of the most common.

The Illuminating Educators 

They share information to teach their followers specific things.  Their information and skills vary from makeup tutorials to how to grow a business, a thought leader builds interest, authority, and trust by sharing free content.  Once they’ve built an audience, then they can monetize by selling ebooks, courses, workshops, etc.

The Fabulous Freelancer 

Freelancers offer their creative skills for money.    Designers, copywriters, photographers, videographers and public relations professionals often take the freelance route, offering their skillset and expertise to other businesses.

The Amazing Artist or Magnificent Maker 

The artist/maker produces product(s) to sell to their audience. Those products take many forms.  Too many to list here, but a quick search of Etsy will prove just how diverse artists and makers are.  They find success by creating products that appeal to their specific target market.

The Engaging Speaker 

These business creatives employ a variety of media to grab their audience.  YouTube videos, podcasts, public speaking, music, theater, web series, and other performances.  They make money through direct sales for live performances or appearances as well as through advertising and promotional items.   An entertainer needs an audience of true fans that can be sustained in order to support them.

The Awesome Author   

These creatives are writers. Whether it’s blogs or books, fiction or non-fiction, these folks have the gift of reaching people through the written word.  Sometimes called authorpreneurs, especially if they take the self-publishing route.

Any and all of the above types of business creatives can benefit from adopting online technology in their businesses.  Any of them will benefit from a great, professional-quality website to use as the hub of their business, and each of them will find certain aspects of online technology perfectly suited to them.

For example:

Illuminating Educators can use online tech for creating those ebooks or building a course or workshop that can be delivered online. They can create handouts or forms for their students that can be accessed online from all devices.  And of course, building their audience on social platforms is key.

Fabulous Freelancers may want to adopt an online project management system as well as automated processes for responding to initial inquiries and onboarding new clients.  An online scheduling system will also be a huge time saving benefit to their business.

The Amazing Artist/Magnificent Maker may need assistance with a blog, posting videos to YouTube and maintaining an online shop like Etsy. 

The Engaging Speaker could need assistance with their social media presence, including scheduling posts and branding.  Online scheduling and online forms for requesting speaking engagements would prove to be timesaving uses of online tech as well.

The Awesome Author may benefit from blog assistance, social media help, and branding, e-newsletters to let readers know what they are working on or when they are doing a personal appearance and keeping track of manuscript submissions.

The above ideas are just a starting point.  There are as many ways online technology can help grow a business creative’s business as there are business creatives.

Are you a business creative looking to take your business to the next level with the help of online technology?  Contact me today, or check out my services page for more information.


Tina Marie Hilton provides online technology services to forward thinking businesses. She writes on her Tips from T.Marie business blog to share insight and information with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also makes her feel like that certificate in creative writing isn't going to waste completely.