What is a Solopreneur? Two Secrets to Success As One

what is a solopreneur

You may have seen that I’ve included a few new terms on the pages of my website.  Specifically, on my services page, you will notice them right at the top. It says, “Solopreneurs, Coaches, and Creatives”.  It’s at the top of the page because these are the business people I specialize in providing assistance to.  I’ve discovered that it leaves some folks wondering if their business fits into one of those categories.   

In a series of three posts, I’ll define each term to help you determine if your small business can claim one of them.

We’ll start with Solopreneur.

Although the term has been around for a while, it’s really just starting to catch on in the general public.  The simple definition is:

“An entrepreneur who works alone, “solo,” running their business single-handedly. They might have contractors for hire, yet have full responsibility for the running of their business. ~ Urban Dictionary

Add to that the following:

“A true solopreneur is someone who has developed a business with NO Employees, that’s Portable, Scalable, and produces Passive Income.”

A solopreneur dictates everything about their business, creating their own schedule and taking all the responsibility for their own success.  When it comes to branding, the solopreneur IS their brand. Everything from their work schedule to outsourcing is their decision. They hold all the cards when it comes to their business.

As empowering as that is, it can also have a downside.  Solopreneurs tend to try to do it all themselves and often fail to outsource tasks when they really need to.  They also must have the ability to pivot and make changes quickly, adopting new ideas and abandoning those that aren’t working for them.  To be a successful solopreneur you must find ways to automate those things that can be automated, or risk being so overwhelmed that failure is always lurking at the door.

The secrets to success as a solopreneur are automation and outsourcing.

With my expertise in online technology, I can help a solopreneur do both. From setting up automated processes for things like client onboarding to creating websites that serve as the central hub for their business, my services are the right combination for success.

Being a solopreneur can be powerful, exhilarating and profitable.  It can allow you the freedom to enjoy the things you love and spend more time with your loved ones. It can also be an albatross of responsibility that drags you down and wears you out.  If you identify as a solopreneur and are struggling, ask yourself if you’re trying to do it all the hard way. Committing to automating and outsourcing can help you find the joy and freedom that lead you to be your own boss in the first place.


Tina Marie Hilton provides online technology services to forward thinking businesses. She writes on her Tips from T.Marie business blog to share insight and information with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also makes her feel like that certificate in creative writing isn't going to waste completely.