Is Positive Thinking a Powerful Business Tool?

toolsIt’s a known fact that having a positive outlook makes a difference in patients fighting life threatening diseases. Having dealt with cancer within my own family, I distinctly remember the doctor telling us how important it was to think positively and not dwell on the fear.

Today as I read about more people being laid off from jobs, I thought of all the fear that the current economy is generating; very much like a cancer diagnosis can do. I think if we all are honest, we’ve all felt it.  For those of us that are self employed, it’s part of the package, but these days those employed by major companies are scared too. Let’s face it, if you look at all of the bad news about the economy the world is a downright scary place.  I wonder how many of us are going to find ourselves paralyzed by that fear?
I’ve been feeling a bit of that fear myself. And to be totally honest with you, I’ve done a bit of questioning of myself and my decisions. Until today. Earlier today, I couldn’t understand why I was able to do client work, but couldn’t seem to focus on my own business projects. I hadn’t written blogs posts or anything else that I normally am very passionate about. I stopped in mid keystroke and it dawned on me. I was so fearful of the ‘what might happen’ that I was letting it keep me from working on making good things happen.
Now anyone that knows me would tell you, I’m just not a negative person. But recent events, a major computer crash and unexpected expenses associated with my move, have really had me worrying about finances. And maybe that has been why I have seemed to notice all the bad news associated with the economy.  I’m pretty sure I’ve been walking around with a big old black cloud over my head. Definitely not how I generally operate. Which is probably why my normal optimistic attitude gave me a kick in the pants today. It apparently was pretty sick of my moping around and might as well have told me to get over it.
And that’s when I made the connection. If a positive outlook can help someone fight cancer, than wouldn’t it be a pretty powerful force in growing my business, generating more income and just generally beating back the fear?  So what would happen if we all decided to stop buying in to the doom and gloom and started to cultivate positive thoughts about the economy, our jobs and our businesses?  Imagine then if we turned those positive thoughts into positive actions? Instead of sitting back and worrying about how to pay the bills, we used our talents and skills to innovate and grow our businesses?
And just what might that do to the current economy?
Just a thought.

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  1. Emmi134 on April 7, 2011 at 5:39 am

    Positive thinking and calmness under stress keeps everyones mind cool and working….A leader of the business should always be positive….regardless of what situation.