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Your Business Website is Your Online Sign

If you think you’re not getting clients or customers from your website, this post might just change your mind. After writing my recent post “Why a Business Website Beats the Yellow Pages (& Earns You My Money)” that same old complaint about business websites reared it’s ugly head again.

“I never get clients (customers) from my business website”.

Although I’ve addressed some reasons a business may not be getting responses to their website in my “6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Clients from Your Website” series, there is something else that many business owners might be missing.

How do you know you’re not?

Making a decision to do business with someone isn’t always an instantaneous one. The decision might not be made the first time someone visits your site, or even the 2nd. Just because someone doesn’t contact you through your website, doesn’t mean it hasn’t had an effect on their decision to do business with you.

For example, since moving here to North Carolina, the majority businesses that I’ve chosen to do business with I have found via their websites. But guess what? I don’t make a habit of telling the cashier or other contact that I found them that way. Maybe I should, but in the course of my everyday life, I’m often preoccupied and busy so it doesn’t really come to mind to let them know.

I’d be willing to bet that there are more people like me out there.

You might want to look at your business website the same way you’d think of signage. I doubt too many customers or clients mention seeing your sign or tell you that your sign is what made them stop by. But truthfully, if your sign wasn’t out there, they would never find you. Right?

Think of your business website is your ‘online sign’, and realize that even though no one is telling you specifically, chances are it’s leading business to your door.

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