Hold for the Holidays Syndrome

It’s that time of year again. The jack’ o’ lanterns and candy aisles have been replaced by turkey and tree trimmings. But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the malady that effects so many businesses at this time of the year. Every traditional office job I’ve ever had was infected by it. I like to call it “Hold for the Holidays Syndrome”. You may not know it by that name exactly, but I’m sure you’ve been effected by it at some point in time.

What is it? It’s the curious ailment that afflicts businesses during the two months between Halloween and New Year’s. The one where everything that needs to be done gets pushed off until ‘after the holidays’. Following me now? I knew you’d recognize it. And while it’s true that those two months can be extremely hectic and crazy, putting off things that you really need to do for your business because of it only serves to do one thing. Put you further behind. Whether it’s an update to your website, the need to start a blog, finally transferring your business cards into a contact management system or any number of other tasks that truly need to be done, pushing it until after January, 2009 isn’t the answer. After all, it’s obvious these things are something you need to do to further your business.

Before you roll your eyes and click off the page because I’m making you feel guilty for procrastinating, I understand why you do it, but what if you had another option? Time seems to fly during the holidays, from the time the trick or treaters leave your door until the new year, things can become a blur. But did you ever think that those things that need to be done, don’t necessarily have to be done by you? Or even by one of your employees. Now is the perfect time to start outsourcing.

Hire a virtual assistant to tackle those projects that no one else has time for because of holiday activities. And what about those items that are holiday in nature. You know, the holiday cards that you need to send to all of your clients and customers? Sure, you could just have one of your employees do it, or do it yourself, if you have time. Just don’t forget that the tasks that normally fall to you or that employee is going to go undone while you pay them/yourself for doing them, probably at a higher rate of pay then you would pay a virtual assistant.

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, filled with fun activities and enjoyable times, but too often business owners are willing to delay doing things that will benefit their businesses until the festivities are over. There’s no need to let your business get bitten by the ” Hold for the Holidays” bug…the cure is as simple as outsourcing.

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