Why a Virtual Assistant should Do a Self Assessment

My latest post over at Home Office Warrior is all about the importance of self assessment.  Thought you left those behind when you stopped working for someone else?  If you did, you may be missing out on an important business tool that will not only help you make your business better, but provide better selling points as well.  Check out Virtual Assistant, Know Thyself? to find out how.

And if you are looking for a great virtual assistant with superior writing skills and creativity, excellent people skills and top notch tech geekness, including knowing her way around the latest social media… spaces have become available with Clerical Advantage!  Contact me at thilton@clericaladvantage.com or tweet me up on Twitter: http://twitter.com/TMarieHilton to find out more.

It's That Time Again...

Are you a traditional location-based business? You should be thinking about Winterizing.

My previously in-person only presentation on creating a Plan B for running your business in the event of bad weather, sick kids and other mishaps is now available on demand.

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