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The U.S. Military Embraces Virtual Assistance

If the US government sees the wisdom in Virtual Assistance,  don’t you think your business should too?   The unique, nomadic employment needs of military spouses has prompted the US military to provide training to spouses of enlisted persons to help them become Virtual Assistants.  The courses,  entitled Portable Career & Virtual Assistant Training Program™,  is designed to teach and help military spouses start their own virtual assistant businesses, giving them a truly portable career.  Read more about it : Barksdale AFB: Virtual assistant class offered to spouses on base by Jim Snyder, Barksdale Airman and Family Readiness Center

It's That Time Again...

Are you a traditional location-based business? You should be thinking about Winterizing.

My previously in-person only presentation on creating a Plan B for running your business in the event of bad weather, sick kids and other mishaps is now available on demand.

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