Free e-booklet

Clerical Advantage is pleased to announce that we’re offering “The Top 100 Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant” in e-booklet form….for FREE!  Simply head over to the Clerical Advantage website, fill out the FREE order form and voila! the e-booklet will be sent directly to your e-mail.

In the near future, you will also have the opportunity to take e-courses and purchase inexpensive e-books on the topics of working with a virtual assistant and starting up your own virtual assistant business.  Answer the questions on the order form to let your voice be heard about what you’d like to see available.

It's That Time Again...

Are you a traditional location-based business? You should be thinking about Winterizing.

My previously in-person only presentation on creating a Plan B for running your business in the event of bad weather, sick kids and other mishaps is now available on demand.

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