Is Gender Bias Impacting Your Business?

business gender bias

Gender bias is a sneaky, persistent issue that can have serious effects on small and home-based businesses. Women, transgender, and non-binary individuals often face unique challenges that can impact their success and overall business experience. Let’s discuss gender bias, how it affects our businesses, and actionable tips to create a more inclusive, accepting, and safe…

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Why is Business Automation a Game Changer for Entrepreneurs?

business automation

If you’ve been a reader here for any length of time, you’ve probably seen me write about automating business processes. But what exactly does that mean? Business automation transforms repetitive tasks from energy drainers into time savers by handing them over to a system. It’s like having a silent, ultra-efficient assistant who works 24/7—no coffee…

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How to Reclaim Your Summer Joy as a Small Business Owner

small business summer tips

Wow! It’s mid-May already—how did that happen? 😲 My daughter, the ever-wise school librarian, tells me we’re deep into spring and on the brink of summer. Kids are buzzing with excitement, practically bouncing off the walls. Remember those days? How the lead-up to summer vacation made it impossible to sit still, with your mind wandering…

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