16 Helpful & Encouraging Quotes for Home Businesses

encouraging quotes for home businesses

Subscribers to my newsletter receive a helpful, inspirational or encouraging quote in each issue. In the newsletter, they correspond with the subject and are a nice way to not only reinforce whatever it is that I’m teaching or sharing, they also serve as pretty reminders. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share some of…

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Does a Home Business Need Regular Business Hours?

home business regular hours

One of the reasons owning a home business is many people’s dream job is the desire for flexibility.  Working 9 to 5 or longer, plus the added time of commuting means a large chunk of time daily is spent either going to, coming home from, or being at work. In fact, many individuals spend way…

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Home Business Owner, Are You Charging Enough?

are you charging enough

You’re working more, but it seems like you have less to show for it. You started your own business to find a better work/life balance, yet you have less free time to do the things you love than you did before. You need to sell more or gain more clients…or do you? Maybe you just…

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Did You Know I Offer Even MORE Home Business Tips?

more home business tips

If you’re a regular reader of my articles on this blog, you know that I’m not the most consistent blogger out here. I’ll go through spurts where I post regularly and then business gets busy and all you get are crickets for long periods. I’d apologize, but busy means my business is thriving, and who…

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My Date With Omicron

my date with omicron

Remember when this global pandemic began? If you were like me, you thought it might last a few months before things got back to normal. Surprise! We’re almost at the two-year mark and we’re still under the gun with COVID. Back in the beginning, I realized how lucky I was that I owned my own…

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