It's Personal

From your initial contact to the day to day communications you know you're dealing with me, not someone assigned to you by a service depending on who they have available.

It's Tailored

You wouldn't buy a one-size fits all business suit would you? Of course not, there's no way it would make you look your best. Then why would you even consider one-size fits all virtual assistant or online technology consultant services

It's Exclusive

Clerical Advantage services aren't for everyone. Are you ready to embrace technology? Are you excited about growing and branching out? Do you have a vision for your business that includes an online presence? Do you see the wisdom of investing in the right kind of assistance for your business? Congratulations, you have a lot in common with our elite group of clients. In fact, I'd be willing to bet your business, like theirs, would reap huge benefits from utilizing my services.

Looking for 'just an assistant', the lowest hourly rate possible, someone available just to you and constant updates regarding your projects? Move along. This isn't the service you're looking for..