Online Tech Assistance Packages

Technology should be a tool for empowerment, not a source of overwhelm. If you're a small business owner ready to harness the power of technology to streamline your operations, enhance your productivity, and elevate your online presence, you're in the right place.

My online technology assistance packages are designed with you in mind, offering personalized support, solutions, and a trustworthy path to success. Let me help you through the digital landscape, empowering you to thrive in today's ever-evolving business world. Together, we'll turn your tech challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Check out the packages below and welcome to a new era of tech-savvy success!

Project Package

$625 $400 / project

  • 5 hours of online technology services
  • Best for one-off projects.
  • 3 Project Limit Per Client, Per Month
  • Projects requiring more than two blocks may be more effectively covered under a Fortnight or Monthly package.

Fortnight Package

$3500 $1750 /month

  • One Half Month of Online Technology Services
  • Perfect for businesses who consistently have busier periods the same time each month.
  • Choose Your 15 days consecutively or spread them out over the month.
  • Schedule for just the days you need the help.

Full Month Package

$7500 $2500 / mo.

  • A Full Month of Online Technology Services
  • Best for businesses who require services consistently all month long.
  • On-call services for the entire month, know that when you need me, I'm there for you.
  • No need to schedule, you're prioritized.

Super Tech Monthly

$10,000 $5,000 / Mo.

  • Includes The Following Services Normally Billed Separately per Project:
  • WordPress Website Services including Landing Page Creation
  • Online Course/ Etsy Store Management
  • Graphic Design including Branded Images
  • Online Technology Consulting and Adoption Assistance