How It Works

“How does this virtual thing work?”

The number one question I’m asked during client consultations? “How does this virtual thing work?”  For business owners used to the traditional employer/employee relationship, knowing how to work with a virtual service provider can be a challenge. It’s  often hard to imagine someone providing the help you need from another office not to mention another state, time zone or country.   You’ve gotten used to being able to see that work is being done. But is that really what you’re seeing?  You may look out of your office and see an employee sitting at their desk, but are they really working?  Wait, before you rush to answer you might want to read this recent Forbes article which clearly shows that employees waste a lot of time spent on the job.

Unlike an employee who is paid to be present for a certain amount of hours each day, you only pay me for time that I actually spend working on your projects.   So sure, I may visit Facebook, check my e-mail or send out a Tweet or two on Twitter during the day, but the difference is you’re not paying me for the time I spend doing so.

It’s a business relationship

By the way, I use those social media sites for marketing my business.  That’s right, I’m running a business just like you are.  It gives me a much better understanding of all the hats you have to wear and all the pressures you’re under. I pay my own taxes, provide my own office and equipment and deal with most if not all of the same stresses you do.  That allows me to understand how important your projects are in a way an employee doesn’t. Their primary consideration is showing up, doing their job and getting their paycheck.  In comparison, my business is only successful if your business is successful.   We’re in this together.

How will you know I’m working for you?

This one is another common question when I’m asked about how to work with a virtual services provider. Some virtual assistants work through services that take snapshots of their desktops at regular intervals to ‘prove’ they aren’t watching YouTube of ‘playing’ on Facebook.  You won’t be getting those screenshots from me. Why not?  Because I take the security of my clients projects and information seriously.  A virtual assistant can’t claim to keep your information confidential if they are allowing ‘pictures’ to be taken of their computer screen at regular intervals.  But don’t worry, you’ll know I’m doing the work I’ve been assigned simply because you’ll get completed projects within the timeframe we’ve agreed to.  Isn’t that what really matters?

Are you ready to try it out for yourself?

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