Guest Post Submissions

Please note we have temporarily stopped taking unsolicited guest posts. Posts from other businesses and individuals with whom we are acquainted are the exception and are encouraged to submit

Thank you for your interest in guest posting on the Tips from T. Marie Blog at Clerical Advantage.  I happily accept guest posts that fit within the following guidelines.

  1. Content must be geared toward educating small businesses about the benefits of online technology, encouragement for adopting online tech, and other subjects that support using online technology for business. This includes things like utilizing virtual service providers, social media and/or working from a home or ‘cloud’ office.  It can also include less directly applicable subjects like should you or shouldn’t you text clients or other such tips and tricks for using technology. Fresh insights and fresh ideas are always welcome. The aim of the blog is to provide useful content without putting the reader to sleep.
  2. Please be aware of the viewpoint of prior blog posts and do not submit something counter-intuitive. For example, regular readers of the blog are aware that I do not recommend using services like, and other ‘low-ball’ bid sites to find virtual service providers so guest posts should refrain from promoting them.
  3. Be aware of the services that Clerical Advantage offers so that you do not promote competing services. For example, I offer WordPress Website Creation services via my Girly Girl Geek division.  Promoting another website framework like Weebly or Wix would create a conflict since I have blogged consistently on the superiority of WordPress.
  4. Content must be unique and not simply a spin on content you’ve already published elsewhere.
  5. It should be quality content with attention to spelling and grammar.
  6. There should be a minimum of three links in your post, one link should be to a previous Tips from T. Marie post if at all possible. Please note that if there is not a link to a Tips from T. Marie post and upon review it’s found to be a possibility, a link will be added. No more than one link to your website in the body of the post.
  7. Your content must not violate any copyright laws.
  8. You may link and/or publish an excerpt of your post on your own blog and social media profiles but you must agree that the complete content itself will only be published on the Tips from T. Marie blog.
  9. No affiliate links or spamming of keywords allowed.

If your guest post fits the above criteria, please follow the directions below for submission.

  • Submit your guest post to thilton[at]
  • In the subject line include the words “Guest Post Submission”
  • Your actual guest post submission with author bio should be sent as an attachment in Word format (.doc or .docx)
  • Author photo and featured images should be in .jpg or png format and of good quality. Featured image should be at least 800px wide by 600px high. If the image is not your own, please include image attribution. Images without proper attribution will not be published.
  • If you do not include a featured image and your guest post is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to choose one for you.
  • All guest posts will be read and reviewed for compliance with guidelines and the general appropriateness for the Tips from T. Marie Blog.   I attempt to respond to guest post submissions once or twice a month as time allows. This means it could take several weeks for me to get back to you regarding your submission.  A lack of response does not mean your guest post has been rejected, it simply means that I haven’t had the time to review and/or respond. If your guest post is accepted, you will be contacted and informed of the publication date so that you have time to promote it should you choose to do so. If your guest post is rejected, you will be notified with a simple explanation. If I like your post but decline to publish it for reasons that could be adjusted, improved or changed, I will include those reasons and allow re-submission once items have been addressed.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at thilton[at]