Employee to Entrepreneur:

Create, Design & Launch Your Business in Less Than 60 Days

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An 8-week program (plus an orientation session) that will take you step by step from working for someone else to working at home.

Weekly 90-minute coaching sessions to help you work your way through the action steps.

Printable workbook to keep you focused on actually launching your work from home business.


Employee to Entrepreneur

An eight-week program designed to give you all the tools you need to launch your own home business as quickly as possible.  During your eight week journey, you’ll learn how to set up a home based business from scratch, including how to create your website on a budget, crafting a strong brand for yourself, and how to price your services “without living on Ramen.” Lastly, you’ll finish with an easy, one-page marketing plan to land your first client(s).

Your final session ends on November 19th, meaning you could be working from home in time for the holidays...

The Schedule

Our initial live call where we will meet one another, and you will receive your workbook, information and instructions for the program.

Be watching for an all new, updated group coaching program coming soon!


Live Call in Sessions, online from the comfort of your home

Convenient and comfortable.  The live call in sessions are meant to be relaxed. Wear your yoga pants or even your pj's if that makes you happy.  But, don't be concerned that comfort equals lack of information or lack of professionalism.  If you're relaxed, you're more likely to participate in the sessions, so relaxation is welcome. The goal is to look forward to each week's session, what you'll learn, and what steps you’ll take next.

employee to entrepreneur

What people are saying...

Tina makes everything very easy to understand and really dives into the why of each topic, which is huge for me. I now have a very clear picture of how to start my business, how to set my rates, how to write my contract, how to communicate effectively with clients, where to invest money and where to find quality free resources, and also what tools to learn more about first - plus, lots of great extras!

Laura White

I am learning about things that I never would have thought about using on my own!

Deanna McColm

I really enjoyed taking this. I have saturated myself in free courses and materials the last few months and this program definitely helped me piece everything together. I love how much Tina discusses having confidence within yourself and your business, as well as the documents provided. You can't become an expert without first being a beginner.

Bianca Lucero

I liked the [program] because there's a lot we take for granted when we go into business even if we have experience. It opens up your mindset and teaches you not to take things for granted and to be honest on what you can do and not do. I'm finding it very enlightening. Again it highlights all the things that we take for granted and gives you in depth on what to pay attention to and how to make your services niche. I'm glad I considered doing this ... I enjoyed [it] immensely and would recommend to anyone ... It was very informative and highlighted a lot of things that I would have thought are not so important. I'm glad I invested in this.

Crescentia S.

Frankly, I thought I knew it all. Until I took this... It really provided a lot of insights I hadn't considered. Very educational, well paced and loaded with great content. Thank you.

Kate Sullivan

There is a lot more to this than I have anticipated. It is very in-depth, solid and well presented essential information for starting out.

Angelika Brady

Spaces are limited...

In order to keep the program personal enrollment is limited to 12 students for this program


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Meet Tina Marie

I started my business in 2007 after getting a pink slip while working as a real estate paralegal. With $200, a wing and a prayer.  Over the years I’ve taught others how to blog for their businesses, I’ve taught attorneys how to work with virtual assistants and virtual paralegals through Solo Practice University and I’ve taught individuals how to start a Virtual Assistant business through my best selling Udemy course, "How to Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant".

As my business grew I’ve always been drawn to helping others who want to start their own work from home businesses but aren’t quite sure what to do, where to start or how to grow.  In fact, I’ve been mentoring and teaching virtual assistants with one-on-one coaching sessions since 2010.  As time went on, it only made sense for me to expand from virtual assistants to coaching a variety of work from home businesses.  And that’s where you find me now, coaching people who dream of successfully working from home.


Employee to Entrepreneur: Create, Design & Launch Your Business in Less Than 60 Days is a group coaching program provided by Tina Marie Hilton as part of her  Home Business Jumpstart services.