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How Does Working from Home…well…Work?- Responding to COVID-19

March 17, 2020
how does working from home work

If you’ve always been an employee or worked in a traditional office setting, it can often be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of working from home.  For some, it conjures images of sitting on couch, Netflix binging, with a laptop and pajamas.  Now, with the reality of a global pandemic people who’ve…

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You Don’t Have to Be Lucky to Work from Home

September 19, 2019
lucky to work from home

Often, when I tell people what I do, one of the most frequent responses is, ‘You are so lucky to work from home’.  While I certainly feel fortunate, luck has very little to do with it.  Thanks to technology, today anyone who wants to work from home can. I understand where they are coming from.…

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Working from Home. Is It Just a Dream?

May 11, 2017
working from home just a dream

The sound of the alarm reaches your brain and you open one eye to look at the clock in the gray light that announces the coming of morning.  Groaning inwardly (perhaps outwardly too) you mentally calculate just exactly how much time you really need to get ready for work and hit the snooze button…again. The…

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