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Do You Own Your Premium WordPress Theme License?

July 18, 2019
wordpress premium theme license

WordPress requires a theme in order to customize the design of your website.  In most cases, to get the level of customization you desire it will require a premium WordPress theme, which requires the purchase of a license.  As someone who not only creates WordPress Websites but often provides maintenance on sites created by others,…

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What is a Premium WordPress Theme & How to Choose One

July 17, 2019
what is a WordPress Premium Theme

In an earlier post, I recommended that when building your business website with WordPress that you opt for a premium theme over a free theme.  Does that mean that any WordPress theme that you pay for is going to be a great choice for your website?  Absolutely not.  So what is a premium WordPress Theme…

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Should you use a Free WordPress Theme for your Business Website?

July 16, 2019
should you use a free Wordpress theme

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the ideal choice for building your business website. Recently I touched on the fact that WordPress is an ‘array of moving parts’.  One of those parts is the theme.  In WordPress, the theme is the part that dictates your design. Where your logo appears, your colors, and whether a…

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6 Things You Should Know About A WordPress Website

June 6, 2019
what you should know about a WordPress website

As many of you know, creating, maintaining and working with WordPress websites is one part of my online technology services.  I’m often contacted to fix issues on websites that other web designers have built.  Sometimes clients need things added, like sign up forms.  Usually they contact me because things aren’t working the way they are…

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What You Should Know About The “This Website is Not Secure” Message

June 19, 2017

[Please see my ReVisited post as things have changed drastically since the writing of this post] If you use the Chrome or Firefox browsers, you may have been alarmed by a new message that can be found in your browser address bar. Both browsers are now announcing that websites that do not have a security…

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Why I ‘Cheated’ on Headway and What I Learned

June 9, 2016

Sometimes even though you are totally sold on a product or service and use it exclusively you start to wonder if something new has come along in the interim and you’re missing out. What if the next great thing has been discovered and you’re so stuck in your ways that you’re missing out. This was…

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WordPress: You Can't Just Set it and Forget it

April 15, 2013

Note: This post was already written when I began seeing reports about the brute force attacks on WordPress installations.  I wrote a new post to address fears regarding the brute force attacks here.  WordPress makes it easy to build a great website but… There are so many great things that can be said about using…

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