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Headway theme

How I Almost Committed SEO Suicide

April 22, 2011

That’s right.  SEO suicide, right here on the Clerical Advantage website. I’ve been preaching for ages about the wonders of building your business website with WordPress and the added benefits and flexibility of combining that with the Headway Theme.  I’ve ranted about the great SEO value of using both and I did something that could…

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Easy Footers and Sidebars with Headway

February 7, 2010

Today I wanted to post two more videos showing just how easy it is to create a site that you can customize for your business. In the last video, I showed you just how simple it is to change colors, add a custom header and move the navigation around the page. In the two videos…

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What's the Hoopla About Headway?

January 26, 2010

You might have heard about the Headway theme for WordPress?  It might even be the reason you ended up here on my website. But do you know why there’s been such a buzz about the premium theme?  It depends on who you talk to.  The visual editor, the ability to add ‘leafs’ to create a…

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Why Do I use the Headway Theme for WordPress?

December 29, 2009

I did some work on a client blogsite yesterday. That in itself isn’t anything new, since a majority of my clients utilize my blogsite services on a regular basis. What was a bit different was the fact that my client’s site was using the Thesis theme. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve used Thesis on sites…

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Curious about Headway & Thesis?

September 18, 2009

Are you curious about what’s different and what’s the same about the Headway and Thesis WordPress themes? I’ve had plenty of people ask me about both Thesis and Headway. They know that I’ve used both for various blogsites, including this one.  So instead of answering one person at a time, I decided it might be…

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