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Are You Hurting Your Business By Ignoring the Move to Mobile?

August 6, 2014

You’d have to live under a rock not to be aware of the sheer numbers of smart phones and tablets out there.  So why is it that so few businesses are revamping their websites and marketing strategies to match? I’m literally floored by the number of folks I speak to about websites and services that…

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Getting Clients-Building Trust

October 14, 2010
getting clients

I hear you out there. Those unspoken responses to my previous post. You know, the one where I said that getting clients wasn’t about price?  Yeah, that one.  And you’re thinking,  “Those points are well and good if you have clients already, but how do you build trust in the beginning. You know, when you’re…

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Find Clients Through Blogging? It's NOT a Myth…Start Blogging Today

May 21, 2010

“Start Blogging Today can give you the tools and the steps you need to use social media and a blog to market and promote your business online. Whether you are a brand new to blogging or you have an existing blog, Start Blogging Today will put you on the right path.” I’ve mentioned here before…

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An Answer for a New Virtual Assistant

January 21, 2009

This one’s for Marcia. Marcia left a comment on my last post which linked to a post I wrote for Home Office Warrior last week. She asked a question that made me stop and consider just how I should answer it. Believe it or not, I felt it was so relevant that it morphed into…

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I'm not Cinderella

July 18, 2008

Ok, so lately I’ve had a thing against Disney princesses.  I personally think that they give girls an unrealistic expectation of what ‘happily ever after’ is.  But that is not the topic of this post.  It’s more about Cinderella’s glass slipper…or to bring it around to business terms, the ‘glass slipper’ client.  You know the…

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Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part Five

March 23, 2008

I promised that I would continue to share my experiences working as a virtual assistant, and that as I experienced new developments that I would give updates to my first four installments.  Consider this post an adventure update. Four months in to my association with the title company, there has been an amazing increase in business…

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