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Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part Three

I’m bringing you part three of my series sharing just how the client/virtual assistant relationship works in real life situation…my own.  If you missed Part One and Part Two go ahead and check them out to see how it all began. In my prior business life, starting a new job always required a learning curve. Now…

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Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part Two

In the attempt to educate everyone on just how virtual assistance works, I’ve started a series sharing my own experience providing virtual assistance to a client. I’ve chosen a service that is rather detailed in its scope, in order to show just how those jobs that people think can’t be done anywhere but the office can…

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Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part One

For virtual assistants like myself, I believe one of the most common problems in landing that first client is the fact that many business owners are skeptical that their work can be done from a home office.  They can’t wrap their heads around the concept of being ‘paper-less’  or having their work done by someone…

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