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4 Amazing Women Bloggers On My Reading List

Amazing women who blog

When I first started out my blog reading list was populated by the likes of Gary V, Mike Michalawicz, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin.  While they give some great business advice, as time has marched on and my business has gone from a struggling startup to a well-established one-woman show, I’m finding myself drawn to…

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Virtual Assistant Survival info has moved!

If you’re a virtual assistant who has come to view Clerical Advantage as a favorite resource site for the industry, you may have been a bit baffled lately.  On Black Friday, not only did the VA Survival Guide become unavailable for purchase, the VA Survival section of the blog was inaccessible as well.  What the…

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Yes, I'm a Virtual Assistant. No, I'm not Siri. I'm better.

As if there wasn’t enough confusion out there regarding virtual assistants, along comes the iPhone 4S.  The S, I’m guessing, stands for Apple’s version of a virtual assistant and ‘her’ name is Siri.  Articles and blog posts have been singing her praises, absolutely amazed at the way she answers their questions and requests.  I suppose…

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Blog SEO Made Easy

Blog SEO. I knew it was an important element in my business blogging.  Keyword placement, organic links and tags were things I knew I should be paying attention to, and I really thought I was doing an OK  job of it. Until I discovered Scribe. As I’m sure you noticed, I don’t promote a lot…

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5 Reasons to Abandon Your Blog for Twitter…(or not)

I’m surprised at the number of business people who have admitted to no longer adding content to their blog because they are now on Twitter. I’m not sure where or why these folks got the impression that Twitter is a substitute for blogging.  Perhaps it has something to do with the following 5 reasons to…

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Is Your Blog Working for You?

You get it. No one needs to tell you the importance of having a business blog on your website.  You’ve got yours up and running and keep that new content flowing the way all the experts tell you to do.  And it’s working. Maybe it’s increased inquiries by potential clients or perhaps your current clients…

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