Summer Should Mean Freedom


Enjoy What Summer Was Meant To Be

The Summer Freedom Package is here to help you reclaim your time and enjoy the warmth, laughter, and freedom of summer.

Reclaim Your Summer Sanity!

Imagine This...

A business that runs smoothly without you being glued to your desk

Peace of mind knowing that your online tech tasks are being handled by an expert

Having time to enjoy the summer without compromising revenue


Meet Your Solution: The Summer Freedom Package

This comprehensive summer package gives you back your time and sanity. You'll receive:

Online Tech Stack Support

Let's transform your tech stack chaos into a well-oiled machine. With Tech Stack Assistance, you're not just taking advantage of tech tools—you're upgrading your entire business approach to ensure maximum efficiency and growth.

Digital Product Creation

Let's take the reins and turn your ideas into polished, professional digital assets. With extensive experience in digital product creation, we will bring your vision to life, whether it's an eBook, an online course, or exclusive downloadable content.

WordPress Landing Pages

When it comes to capturing your audience’s attention a professionally crafted landing page can make all the difference. Let's create a compelling digital experience that resonates with your target market.

BONUS: Free Tech Stack Audit (Worth $500)

Sign up by May 29th and receive a complimentary Tech Stack Audit.

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive audit of your current tech setup
  • Personalized recommendations to streamline and improve your tech stack
  • 1-hour follow-up consultation to discuss findings and next steps

What's Keeping You From Fully Enjoying Summer?

Most small business owner struggle to strike a balance between work and life in the summer.  We experience:

  • Overwhelming Projects: Landing pages, digital products, WordPress maintenance — it's all too much.
  • Never-Ending To-Do List: No matter how hard you try, there's always something that needs immediate attention.
  • Guilt of Missing Out: Your children are growing up too quickly, and work keeps you from enjoying the summer memories you deserve.

Have a summer without losing traction mid-year.

Take the First Step Toward Summer Freedom

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Q: What's included in the Summer Freedom Package?

A:  A comprehensive combination of upgrading your entire business approach to ensure maximum efficiency and growth, Digital Product Creation, and Landing pages that resonate with your target market. Customized to your goals and needs.


Q: What’s the timeline for getting everything up and running?

A: I’ll work with you to develop a schedule that ensures everything is implemented quickly, allowing you to enjoy your summer without delay.


Q: What if I need more customization?

A: This package is customizable to your unique needs. We’ll discuss any additional requirements during our initial consultation.


Q: What's the cost of the Summer Freedom Package?

A: This package is unlike any of my current service packages, including items like digital product creation and WordPress landing page creation that usually is billed separately.  Three months of just my online tech services normally would cost $7,500, so this package is a steal at just $5,000.

Freedom Matters

Let’s support your business so you get to breathe this summer.

Freedom Package spaces will fill quickly

(We have summer plans too.)

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