Which Educational Masterclass Would You Invest In?

As a home business owner, continuous learning and adapting are key to growth and success. I'm considering holding a series of masterclasses/workshops designed to empower you with practical skills and insights, enabling you to expand your business and work smarter, not harder. Your input is invaluable in helping me tailor these workshops to your needs.

Which of the following topics are you most interested in, and would consider paying to attend? Select the option that resonates most with your current business goals:

  1. Turning Your Service Into a Sellable Digital Product: Learn the art of productizing your services to create scalable, digital products that sell, even when you're not working.
  2. Leveraging Generative AI for Business Growth: Discover how generative AI tools can revolutionize your business operations, from automating mundane tasks to generating creative content.
  3. Identifying Profitable Services for Virtual Assistants: Whether you're starting out or looking to niche down, learn how to assess your skills to determine the most lucrative services you can offer as a virtual assistant.
  4. Building Your WordPress Website: Gain the skills to create and manage a WordPress website that showcases your business and attracts your ideal clients.

Please cast your vote and help me create masterclasses/workshops that align with your aspirations and business challenges. Your feedback is crucial in designing a learning journey that helps you achieve a more joyful life, with a successful business and ample time for the things that matter most.

Masterclass Poll