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Working with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant…10 Years Later

Although I won’t celebrate my 10th year of being a #girlboss until September of this year, January 2017 does mark an equally important point in my life as a female entrepreneur.  It was 10 years ago, this month that I first stumbled across the term virtual assistant.  At the time, it was a relatively unknown…

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How to Avoid Being Named in a Fancy Hands Type Lawsuit

Fancy Hands, the service that assigns virtual assistants to complete tasks at ridiculously low prices is facing a misclassification lawsuit for minimum wage and overtime pay.  It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Although many people sought out the services at Fancy Hands, any logical person had to surmise that the virtual assistants doing those…

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Overworked? Tell Your Boss You Need a Virtual Assistant.

There’s a lot of stuff written online about small business owners taking advantage of working with a virtual assistant. As of my last check, about 5 minutes ago, there is nothing out there about businesses hiring virtual assistants to give additional support to their employees. I find that strange. Having a virtual assistant is a…

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How to Avoid the Disappearing Virtual Assistant Problem

In my last post I shared my shock and a little outrage when I discovered an article written by a virtual assistant who talked about fear,crashing, burning and going AWOL. So how do you as a business owner in need of a virtual assistant avoid one of those disappearing virtual assistants? Stop looking for a…

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The Case of the Disappearing Virtual Assistant

This article written by a Virtual Assistant made me cringe this morning. In it they claim to have ‘crashed and burned’ several times in their VA career.  And then the author goes on to claim that it’s ‘a rather common occurrence’ amongst virtual assistants and then extends it to ‘Western freelancers and other people who…

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Like Bacon and…well, Bacon.

[stextbox id=”custom”]The following is an excerpt from “The No Bull$#*? Guide to Virtual Assistants for Businesses; How to Skip Past Siri™, ODesk and Offshore Outsourcing to Find the Kind of Support Your Business Really Needs“; a new, just released e-book for businesses on the subject of working successfully with virtual assistants. Be watching for more announcements about…

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