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A key to home business success is learning how to use online technology to streamline the way your business runs.

How To Prepare Your Digital Business for Outages

July 9, 2019
prepare your digital business for outages

I celebrated the July 4th holiday by taking 4 days off from work.  It was a hot few days here in southern Maine, and as usual, the hot weather broke with a round of strong storms rolling through on Saturday.  Our power flickered out momentarily and we breathed a sigh of relief, having experienced lengthy…

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If You Receive Payments You Should Have An Electronic Payment Option

June 25, 2019
electronic payment option

This post isn’t just for the small business community, this one is for anyone taking payments for anything. Big businesses, small businesses, service providers, local youth organizations and yes, even the grandma selling her homemade sea salt chocolate fudge; if you’re taking payment for something you should be offering an electronic payment option. Big and…

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Up Your Password Security Game With These 10 Tips

June 20, 2019
password security

A recent CNN article asked “How hackable is your password?”  And while you might think it was a no brainer, people actually still use “123456” and “abc123”.  That’s like leaving your front door wide open and then being surprised when someone walks in and robs the place.  However it’s not just these incredibly bad passwords…

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24 Online Collaboration Tools That Let You Leave The Office Space Behind

February 6, 2019
online collaboration

Location-less offices, remote employees, virtual assistants, and online service providers.  This is the changing face of today’s small business offices.  Business is becoming less and less tied to a location for various reasons.  Reducing the cost of running a business is at the top of that list. Depending on which of the aforementioned choices you…

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13 Ways You Should be Using Your Smartphone for Business

June 26, 2018
smartphone apps

Admit it, you don’t go anywhere without your smartphone. It’s ok, the rest of us don’t either. That reason alone is incentive enough to examine just how useful your smartphone is to your business.  With more of us enjoying job flexibility today,  and with the probability of up to 58% of workers expected to be…

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Business Logo Creation with DesignEvo

June 21, 2018

Because I tend to create my own graphics, I hadn’t explored online options for creating a business logo until DesignEvo reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in taking it for a test run.  I agreed because after visiting their service I felt it could be a huge benefit for my readers.…

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Paperless Post- Can E-Cards Work For Businesses?

February 28, 2018

Paperless Post, a service providing ecards and evites, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in checking out their service and possibly writing about my experience.  They provided free credits so that I could take the service for a test drive and give my readers my opinion and review of what they have…

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