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Use blogging and social media for your home business to market, build a following and share what you offer.

4 Amazing Women Bloggers On My Reading List

October 18, 2018
Amazing women who blog

When I first started out my blog reading list was populated by the likes of Gary V, Mike Michalawicz, Chris Brogan and Seth Godin.  While they give some great business advice, as time has marched on and my business has gone from a struggling startup to a well-established one-woman show, I’m finding myself drawn to…

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Social Media: Use It or Lose It

July 26, 2018
Social Media, you have to use it or lose it.

At this point, you should know that using social media to grow your business and/or brand is a smart move. There is a reason that just about every business guru out there recommends it. It works.  Well, it works if you know what to do and are ready to do it.  Too often I see…

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Guest Posting 101: 5 Things Every Guest Poster Should Know

July 28, 2016

[su_note note_color=”#7c97c2″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]A quick shout out to my awesome Biz Buddy Vicki Voisin for inspiring this post. She’s always stopping me during one of our weekly chats to say “That’s a blog post!” and many of my best posts have been because of it.[/su_note] The Tips from T.Marie Blog has been around awhile.  Almost…

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Where Should You Start Building Your Business Online?

August 13, 2014

In my an earlier post I talked about businesses making the mistake of ignoring the increasing use of mobile devices.  Even those businesses who understand the need to build a presence online often get overwhelmed at the starting point.  With so many social networks and new ones cropping up all the time, it’s easy to get…

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How to Breathe New Life into Old Blog Posts

July 31, 2014

started blogging in 2004. Back then if there was a picture included with your post you were ahead of the curve.  It’s not 2004 anymore.  While the actual content of your posts is still the most important thing, it’s not the only thing.  Visuals are becoming more and more important when it comes to blogging. …

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What Can You Learn about Social Media from a Meteorologist? A Lot. My Interview with Brad Panovich (@WxBrad)

April 1, 2014

Is social media right for everyone? Can Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. make an impact no matter who/what you are? Example: has it changed the way meteorologists perform their jobs? Probably something you’ve thought very little about until now; most of us probably take for granted how we receive information about our weather. The answer, of course,…

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Why Your Business Blog is a Ghost Town

March 20, 2014

You listened to the experts who said the best way to keep your website fresh and get noticed by Google was with a business blog.  You spent hours, maybe even days, reading and re-reading articles about blogging for business.  You’ve carefully crafted blog posts that you were sure would be a hit.  So why is…

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