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The Tech Stack

The Tremendous Tiny Tech Stack: A Client Case Study

January 30, 2024
tiny tech stack

A cluttered desk, a flashing screen filled with double bookings, and a clock ticking away the minutes of your sanity. This was the daily reality for a vibrant, passionate life coach (let’s keep her name my little secret) before she embraced the magic of a tiny tech stack. But how does one turn the tides…

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The Secret Weapon of Sleep-Deprived Entrepreneurs: Building a Tech Stack for Sanity

January 2, 2024
tech stack for sanity

Remember the days of frantic spreadsheets and sticky notes plastered everywhere? The constant email tag and chasing leads down rabbit holes? Yeah, those were the Dark Ages of small business tech. Today, we’ve got a secret weapon: the tech stack. It’s like a magical toolbox overflowing with software, platforms, and automation that turns chaos into…

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