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Coming Soon! Virtual Assistance E-books

May 18, 2008

It’s time to announce my latest project to the public.  It’s called the Clerical Advantage Learning Series, and it will consist of a series of e-books and e-courses designed to educate businesses and individuals on the subject of Virtual Assistance. The first two e-books should make their debut around the first of June and are…

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More Articles about Virtual Assistance

May 16, 2008

I decided to follow-up my successful series “ How to Sell Virtual Assistance” with yet another series, entitled ” I want a Virtual Assistant…now what?”. This one takes the next step, what happens after you’ve sold someone on hiring a virtual assistant, and breaks it down into four sections.  The first is called Finding the…

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Attn: Virtual Assistants

May 8, 2008

The third and final installment of my series ” How to Sell Virtual Assistance” is up over at Home Office Warrior-Virtual Assistant. It’s entitled Overcoming Objections and gives Virtual Assistants some strategies for coping with potential clients most frequent objections to using virtual assistance.  Check it out today!

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Two out of Three

May 3, 2008

The second installment in my series, ” How to Sell Virtual Assistance” is available over at Home Office Warrior, It’s entitled Fabulous Followup and gives some ideas on how to stay fresh in a potential clients mind.

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Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

April 23, 2008

Working from my own home office means that I did not find flowers on my desk this morning.  But being the good boss that I am, I fully intend to go get some for myself later.  Or at least a caramel latte.  I mean, do you actually get a virtual assistant something for Administrative Professionals…

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For Virtual Assistants…and others

April 22, 2008

I began a new series of articles over at Home Office Virtual Assistant on Selling Virtual Assistance.  I think you’ll find some good information on marketing your business in them.  Part One is called, Ask, Don’t Tell, and is a play on the phrase, Show, Don’t Tell,  that my writing instructor drilled into my head…

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Sometimes you just gotta Vent

April 9, 2008

My business website is hosted by Microsoft Office Live. It is part of my ‘bootstrap startup’.  It hasn’t been a horrible choice as far as my website is concerned…until recently.  In the past two weeks I’ve noticed several times that I was unable to log in to make updates to my website. It’s usually been…

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