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Making a Negative a Positive

June 19, 2008

This week began with a call from a potential client.  Excited at the possibilities, I listened closely as they explained what task they were looking to have completed by a virtual assistant.  And my heart sank.  A contract with a current client clearly would make this task a conflict of interest. I explained the situation…

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Virtual Assistant Tools Post

June 18, 2008

My latest article over at Home Office Warrior is entitled ” Tools of the Virtual Assistant Trade” and gives a list of tools that virtual assistants may find useful.  It’s in no way a complete list and I encourage you to leave your own suggestions in the comments section there.  You can find it both…

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Computerized Podcasting

June 16, 2008

Thanks to an article over at, I’ve discovered a podcast tool that will convert your blog into a podcast.  It’s called Odiogo and all you have to do is sign up with your blog URL and it converts what you’ve written into a computerized  speech mp3 file.   I was intrigued even though I don’t normally…

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Final Installment of "I Want a Virtual Assistant…now what?"

June 9, 2008

The final installment of my series can be found at Home Office Warrior Virtual Assistant.  It’s the fourth in the series and is entitled, ” Is it good for you?”  Head over and check it out!

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Is Your Business Card Working for You?

June 1, 2008

One of the first things anyone starting a business does is to either make or order business cards.  But seldom do we stop to think about the fact that this simple little rectangle of paper is going to be a representative of us and our business.  The majority of business cards are simply your name,…

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Part 3 of I Want a Virtual Assistant…Now What?

May 29, 2008

Head on over to Home Office Warrior Virtual Assistant to check out installment three in my four part series on working with a Virtual Assistant. This installment is entitled, How exactly does this thing work? and it gives an overview of working with a VA.  If anyone has any questions, don’t forget to click on…

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I want a Virtual Assistant Part 2

May 21, 2008

The next installment of my series “I want a Virtual Assistant…now what?” has been posted over at Home Office Warrior Virtual Assistant.  It is entitled “Being the perfect client” and gives pointers on how to approach working with a Virtual Assistant from a client perspective.  I think you’ll find it very informative!

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