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You’re in the right place. These articles are written with home and micro-businesses in mind.

3 Tiny Habits That Can Shift Your Home Business Into a Growth Mindset

August 25, 2021
3 habits for home business growth

In the worlds of psychology and business, you’ll often hear the terms ‘growth mindset’ and ‘fixed mindset’. Mindset in general refers to the learned attitudes you’ve adopted over time; so a growth mindset is the attitude that you can always change for the better whereas a fixed mindset means you believe that you’re stuck with…

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Starting a Work From Home Micro-Business has Different Rules & Requirements

August 17, 2021
micro business

On September 7th, 2021 I will have run a work from home business for 14 years successfully.  Over that time, I’ve discovered that although my little one-woman show gets categorized as a small business, that moniker doesn’t always fit or benefit my home office operation. Instead, my business is better categorized as a micro-business as are a…

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3 Mindsets That Sabotage Your Dream to Work From Home

August 5, 2021
work from home dreams

Do you still have work from home dreams of a lifestyle you’d love to attain or a home business you’d like to start? Do you remember how to dream big like our kids do? As we grow, we often grow into the mindset that we have to work hard and we can’t take chances –…

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What’s Stopping You From Starting a Work From Home Business?

August 2, 2021
working from home business

I often tell the story of how I started my business. From getting a pink slip to the fear of ending up homeless, it seems to resonate with folks. But I don’t often share the fact that looking back I really wish I’d been brave enough to start my business before I was forced to…

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Why This is the Perfect Time to Say Goodbye to Your Boss

July 6, 2021
say goodbye to your boss

The pandemic taught us a lot of things.  Some good, some not so good. One important thing that lockdowns and quarantines taught us is that just because business has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s because it’s the best way. If you hate your job or feel overworked and underappreciated now just…

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How To Make Traditional Business Cards Work For You In The Digital Age.

June 17, 2021
how to make business cards work for you in digital age

Purchasing traditional business cards used to be one of the first official things you did when you started your own business.  Today, with everything from file storage to forms being offered electronically, many business startups are abandoning the traditional business card altogether. But should they?  Is it possible this paper dinosaur could be a powerful…

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We Should View These Lessons As A Gift From 2020

December 17, 2020
gift from 2020

Well, here we are again.  At the end of another year. Normally I’d be writing about yearly accomplishments and setting goals for the new year. But 2020 has been as far from a normal year as you can get.  So, there will be no ‘normal’ year end post. Instead, I would like to share a…

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