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Home Business Tips

Looking for home business tips?

You’re in the right place. These articles are written with home and micro-businesses in mind.

Embrace the Freedom: Overcoming Work-From-Home Guilt with Confidence

June 1, 2023
overcoming work from home guilt

Welcome to the realm of home business, where your cozy home doubles as your office! While working from home offers numerous benefits, it can also come with its fair share of guilt and judgment. As you bid farewell to traditional office settings, it’s natural to feel a sense of uncertainty or self-doubt about your productivity…

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From PJs to Profits: 10 More Unique Home Business Ideas You’ll Love!

May 24, 2023
unique home business ideas

I’m back with more profitable ideas for home-based businesses. In a prior post, I explored 5 proven money-making ideas.  In this post, I’m going to dive into 10 more.  These are a mix of services based and product-based business ideas.  Are you eager to embark on a journey of turning your passion into a profitable…

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Niche or Bust: How to Find a Niche for Your Home Business

May 19, 2023
finding a niche for your home business

In my last post, we talked about 5 profitable home business ideas. Each idea listed a few tips for starting that type of business.  Did you notice that almost all of them had one specific tip at the top of the list?  Identifying your niche. That’s because finding your niche is the first step to…

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From Sweatpants to Success: 5 Profitable Home Business Ideas

May 10, 2023
profitable home business ideas

Are you tired of the daily grind and dreaming of becoming your own boss? The good news is that there are plenty of profitable home business ideas out there, and in this post, we’ll explore five of the most lucrative options that can help you achieve your work-from-home dreams. So, let’s dive in and explore…

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Why Every Home Business Owner Needs a Strong Support System

May 4, 2023
support system for home business

Owning a home business can be exciting and empowering, but it can also be challenging and isolating. With no coworkers to bounce ideas off of, no boss to provide guidance, and no office culture to rely on, it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. That’s why having a strong support system is essential for home…

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How to Find and Win More Clients as a Home Business Owner

April 27, 2023
find clients home business

As a home business owner, finding new clients can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it’s possible to attract and win more business. In this article, we share proven tactics for finding clients.

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Stand Out from the Competition: How to Define and Use Your Home-Based Business’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

April 25, 2023
unique selling proposition

Are you a home-based business owner looking to stand out from the competition? Do you want to attract more customers and build repeat business? Then you need a unique selling proposition (USP)! A USP is a one-sentence description of what makes your business unique and valuable to its target audience. It’s a clear statement that…

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