What My Love of Fantasy Fiction Revealed About Business

fantasy good for business

Are there any of you who find yourselves enchanted by the world of fantasy fiction? I’m not just referring to the avid discussions on BookTok about the latest from Sarah J. Maas. Although I do love me some SJM. I’m reaching out to the business owners who, like me, love diving into a masterfully crafted fantasy realm and sometimes find themselves a little too lost in it. 📚✨

I fell in love with fantasy fiction back in high school with J.R.R. Tolkien’s MiddleEarth adventures, and it became my escape from the less-than-magical realities of being a ‘chubby introvert’ in a world that didn’t understand me. But little did I know, this escape was planting the seeds for my future in business.

Fast forward a few decades, and here I am at 60, rediscovering my teenage obsession with fantasy worlds, now flavored with the sizzling spice of fantasy romance that’s taking the literary world by storm. And guess what? What once labeled me as a nerd now tags me as trendy and cool.

So, am I the only fantasy fiction-obsessed business owner out here? I think not. And here’s why that’s a good thing:

1. Escape to Innovate: Just as fantasy fiction offers an escape to new worlds, entrepreneurship allows us to create our own worlds. It encourages us to dream big and think outside the box, crafting services and products that carry the essence of innovation.

2. The Power of Storytelling: What keeps us hooked to a good fantasy book? The storytelling. In business, the power of storytelling is just as crucial. It’s how we connect with our clients and customers, weaving the narrative of our brand into their lives.

3. Resilience of the Underdog: Often, fantasy tales involve an underdog overcoming great challenges. In business, especially as women entrepreneurs, we face our fair share of obstacles. But like the heroes of our favorite books, we use our wit, courage, and tenacity to overcome them.

4. Building Communities: Just as fantasy creates fandoms, businesses build communities. We’re not just selling a product or service; we’re inviting customers into a shared experience, fostering loyalty, and building a following.

5. Trends and Timing: Fantasy fiction teaches us that trends evolve. Once considered nerdy, now it’s mainstream and cool. Similarly, business trends are ever-changing. Staying ahead, adapting, and even setting trends are key to business longevity.

6. Personal Fulfillment: Lastly, fantasy reminds us that personal joy is crucial. As entrepreneurs, we must find fulfillment in our work. If we’re passionate about what we do, it shines through and becomes infectious.

So, dear reader, let’s embrace our inner geek and channel it into our businesses. Whether it’s the creativity, the storytelling, or the community-building, there’s much to learn from the realms of fantasy. And who knows? Your next big business idea might just be waiting for you on the next page of your current read.

Until next time, keep dreaming and doing.

Start Your Journey today, and transform the escapism of fantasy into the engagement of entrepreneurship.

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Tina Marie Hilton provides online technology services to forward thinking businesses. She writes on her Tips from T.Marie business blog to share insight and information with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also makes her feel like that certificate in creative writing isn't going to waste completely.