Is the Market for Virtual Assistants Really Saturated? Debunking the Myth

market for virtual assistants

Do you remember when the term “virtual assistant” seemed to be everywhere? We’re not talking about Alexa or Siri here, but individuals running their own businesses providing invaluable virtual services. It felt like new virtual assistants (VAs) were emerging daily. With its widespread presence, many started to believe that the market for virtual assistants had reached its saturation point. But is that really the case?

I’m thrilled to inform you that it’s far from the truth. In fact, the demand for virtual assistants is steadily growing.

One of the silver linings to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic was the realization that businesses could accomplish just as much, if not more, remotely compared to traditional office settings. As technology continues to advance, the demand for virtual assistant services is on an upward trajectory.

The beauty of providing virtual assistant services lies in the multitude of paths you can choose, and the diverse tasks people are hiring for make landing a role highly probable.

In 2023, several areas that were particularly hot in this field were:

Executive Assistant Services:

Handling email, scheduling, calendar management, organizing meetings, travel planning, data entry, and other back-office tasks will always be in high demand. Thanks to the pandemic, there’s no doubt that remote VAs can competently and efficiently handle these responsibilities.

Customer Relations Services:

Put your people skills to work by assisting clients in delivering exceptional customer service that leaves their customers delighted. This can even extend to providing lead-generation services for clients.

Podcast Manager:

Podcasts are all the rage! Not only are they a fantastic source for content marketing, but a well-executed podcast can serve as an excellent sales funnel and offer significant growth opportunities. You can offer services in pre-production, post-production, promotion, guest scheduling/follow-up, or all of the above.

Video Editing/Transcription:

Video content reigns supreme right now. Just take a look at Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. Clients who use video content have an increasing need for light video editing and transcription services.

Tech & Automation:

With many aspects of the back office now being managed by apps and platforms, the demand for tech and automation services is skyrocketing. Proficiency in tech stacks like website frameworks, email service providers, payment gateways/processors, digital course delivery, e-commerce solutions, affiliate programs, and funnel programs can make you a hot commodity.

Community Manager:

More businesses are capitalizing on the benefits of building robust online communities and require not only moderators but also individuals who can devise strategies and ideas to elevate their online presence.

If you’ve ever considered starting a virtual assistant business but were deterred by the notion that the market for virtual assistants was oversaturated, it’s time to reconsider. The VA industry is valued at over $100 billion and is growing at an impressive rate. By 2028, it’s projected that 50% of the US workforce will consist of virtual professionals. The question is, will you be among them?

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