What if There was a Business School for Virtual Professionals?

(Psst…interested in starting a business as a virtual assistant? There’s a special offer at the bottom of this post. If you’re the impatient sort you can click here.)

Do a search for ‘how to become a virtual assistant‘ and you’ll get a slew of information provided by a variety of sources from Entrepreneur .com to some obviously uninformed authors who are looking to increase traffic to their website by using a popular search term.  In fact, the search I did for this post 10 minutes ago returned over 5 million hits.  Sounds like an abundance of information available at your fingertips doesn’t it?

Sure.  That is if you want to spend thousands of hours sifting through tons of inaccurate information and just plain nonsense.  Oh and don’t forget, if you’re doing the search in the first place you most likely don’t know what is valid information and what’s not.  You could spend all of those hours only to find yourself  more confused that you were before you started reading.  Trust me, I know.

I hear from wanna-be, new and struggling virtual assistants and virtual paralegals every week wondering how in the world I built a successful business.

I started out like many of the rest of you, with perhaps two major exceptions.  One, I was unemployed and desperate.  And two, I had some experience running my own craft based business way back in the dark ages; otherwise known as my twenties.   The desperation gave me the motivation I needed to do the trial and error thing over and over and over again.  If something didn’t work, I had no choice but to try something else.  The craft business experience gave me a tiny bit of business owner knowledge of things like business structure, licensing and registration that I wouldn’t have had a clue about otherwise.  Truthfully, the desperation was a bigger benefit, but those two items are the only things I may have started out with that other virtual assistant wanna-bes  might not have the benefit of.

So how did I build a successful business?  And how do I keep it going and growing?  All of that trial and error.  4 years worth in fact.  And over those four years I’ve combined those hard knocks lessons, prior business experience, knowledge gained from several certificate courses ranging from writing to office procedures and my geek girl love and knowledge of technology to boil it all down to some tried and true strategies.

I’ve been successfully sharing my strategy for success with coaching clients for awhile now.  Every time I get an excited e-mail from one of them telling me how much their business is growing and how much smoother it’s running it makes me smile.  Big.

I like smiling.  So I wrote the VA Survival Guide to share some of my coaching strategies.  I started getting more e-mail from people who bought it which made me smile big more often.  Then someone told me I was being stingy. What?!?   I was only sharing a small part of what I taught my coaching clients in the eBook.  Umm, yeah, because putting everything into an eBook would make it overwhelming.  How many of us never read War & Peace because of its size right?  I didn’t mean to be stingy.  Honest.

That didn’t keep me from dwelling on the thought that I really did have a lot of information that could help  a lot of people that I wasn’t sharing .  It wiped the smile right off my face.  I knew then it was time to find a way to get the information out there.  It was time for Virtual Assistant Survival School.

Right now I’m working hard to get all of those great strategies that have worked for my business, the businesses of coaching clients and VA Survival Guide readers ready for launch.  It will include information for starting a virtual professional business, actually doing business successfully and branching out beyond your scope of services.   Awesome right?  Want to know something even more awesome?  I’ve worked really hard to make sure you can get access to the information you need to become successful.

That means that you have a bunch of options when it comes to enrollment.  If you’re just starting out and you want all of the information you can enroll for the entire program.  Already past the start up phase?  You can enroll  in just the course or courses that apply.  Don’t really need an entire course?  Enroll in just the modules you want.

That’s flexibility that you’re not going to get just anywhere.

And speaking of flexibility, each module gives you options of how you want your information presented to you.  Video, audio and eBooks are included in every learning module.

This isn’t a membership program, once you’ve enrolled that material is available to you. Period.  Plus there will be special events like interviews with some of my super hero  mentors and informational webinars and seminars on subjects to help you boost your business.   Not to mention the Bonus Modules, additional courses on subjects like building your virtual professional website.

And it will all be launching very soon.  (Don’t want to miss the launch? Click Here.Excited yet? 

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If you’re the impatient kind you might like to know that the VA Survival Guide is undergoing a transformation to align with the material in Virtual Assistant Survival School.  Yes, it means a pretty big price increase since it’s going to be a pretty hefty size after I add all of that info I left out in the original. BUT… If you purchase the original version now, when the new, improved, more expensive version launches I’ll send you the upgrade for free.   Yes, I said free. F. R. E.E.

Did I mention I like smiling?


Do you have questions about Virtual Assistant Survival School?  Do you have something you really want to learn about?  Ask questions and find out if your request for info could be turned into a module by commenting below.



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