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Sneaking a Peek at Headway 3.0

Below is a sneak peek of what the Headway Theme for WordPress is going to look like when they officially unveil version 3.0.   But the fantastic new features aren’t the only thing that Headway Themes will be changing when 3.0 is released.

New Pricing Structure

The entire pricing structure for the theme is going to change. They are moving to a subscription format in order to ensure that Headway themes will be around years down the road instead of falling off the face of the earth like so many WordPress theme developers do.  The fact that the team gave everyone a heads up is a bonus for you.
You see, right now you can get the same pricing and benefits that I have (and all the other current Headway users have).  It’s a one time price with lifetime updates and support. That’s right, the powers that be at Headway Themes are going to ‘grandfather’ in all of us that purchased the theme prior to their new pricing structure taking effect.
That means if you buy now, before 3.0 is released, you will get the theme, all future updates and stellar support for one price.
If you’ve been thinking about purchasing Headway now’s the time. Get the one time price and when 3.0 is released you can update for free. But if you snooze you lose, because the video below means that the release date is just around the corner.

Headway 3.0 Preview from Headway Themes on Vimeo.


(The links in this post are my affiliate links…but I’d be telling you about Headway even if I wasn’t an affiliate. It’s what I use on my sites and my client sites!  )

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