Blog SEO Made Easy

Blog SEO. I knew it was an important element in my business blogging.  Keyword placement, organic links and tags were things I knew I should be paying attention to, and I really thought I was doing an OK  job of it. Until I discovered Scribe.

As I’m sure you noticed, I don’t promote a lot of things on my blog.  WordPress, which is free and Headway, a premium theme that I love and feel is worth every penny of it’s price and more.
Part of that reason is that I don’t feel right selling something that I haven’t used and found to be worth the money (or my time). Another is that as small business owner who started with no capital to invest in my business, a product has to be pretty spectacular for me to invest in it. I have to know that I’m going to get a return on my investment because I can’t afford to throw even a few dollars away.
But I’m here to tell you that I’ve found yet another product that I feel comfortable recommending to you.

And that product is ScribeSEO.

It’s a WordPress plugin that helps you squeeze all of the juicy goodness of search engine optimization into your blog posts. And I’m here to tell you it works. So well that I was more than willing to pay for it.

A while back Brian Clark (of CopyBlogger fame) sent out an e-mail announcing his newest venture and even offered a free trial to see how it worked.  Now, being a real geek, I jumped on board and was immediately impressed with how it helped me tweak the content, meta and keywords in my posts, making my writing so much more search engine friendly.  Then my free trial ran out and I didn’t immediately rush to purchase the service.

Looking back, I know I should have, but I wanted to see if it really made that big of a difference in my writing and the traffic results to my blog. No, I’m not from Missouri, but I guess I’m a ‘show me’ type of girl anyway.
I was even a bit skeptical that my normally written posts could be that far removed from those I’d been able to ‘polish’ with Scribe.

My skepticism was short lived.  Not only was the blog traffic to my site increased when using Scribe, but those posts I had created using it continued to get better traffic than my newer ones I was creating without it.

I was sold, and just last week I put my money where my mouth is and purchased Scribe. I love how easily it integrates with my WordPress Dashboard and how quickly it gives me relevant keywords and tags. Seeing it sitting in the upper right hand corner of my screen as I’m writing a new post reminds me to scroll down and add scrumptious SEO stuff that many times before I’d just overlooked or forgotten to do. It’s good stuff.

So I’m adding another product to my list of ‘Goodies’ that I recommend. If you’re looking to improve the SEO on your business blog (or any blogsite for that matter) check out Scribe. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it worth the money too.

If you want to see what Scribe looks like in action, check out my latest tutorial post on Geek Speak over at Girly Girl Geek.


Tina Marie Hilton provides online technology services to forward thinking businesses. She writes on her Tips from T.Marie business blog to share insight and information with other small businesses and entrepreneurs. It also makes her feel like that certificate in creative writing isn't going to waste completely.