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What's So Great About Headway 1.5?

I’m so excited about the release of Headway version 1.5 today.  Upgrades and Updates normally only excite girly geeks like me. But this new version gives everyone a reason to get excited.

You see, with this latest release building and modifying your site gets even easier.

I know, I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.  But trust me, it is.

From day 1 I’ve been a huge fan of Headway for one big reason, it makes it simple to make design changes to your site, without the need for CSS coding.  Colors, sidebars, photo galleries, feature posts and more are added and/or changed with a click of the mouse. The ability to work from within the dashboard and change the layout of a site on the fly was incredible.

So how could Headway get even better?

  • What if you could see those changes immediately as you made them?
  • What if you could work right on the page you wanted to change, rearrange, make additions, changes and see it all right then?
  • How much time would that save?  No more making changes in the Dashboard and having to check how it looks on your site then going back into the Dashboard to tweak it.

Now you can!
Headway has added the Visual Editor, which allows you to do all of that and more.  If you want to see exactly what I’m talking about, check out the video below by Michael Martine (a/k/a Remarkablogger).  Please note that the video was made before the official launch this morning and that it speaks about the beta version, but it lets you see the amazing visual editor in action.

You’re not going to find a powerful, flexible theme that is this easy to use anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for?  Get Headway today!

Not comfortable installing themes, adding widgets and customizing?  I’ve got you covered!  Check out the blog services I provide.

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