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Blog Maintenance Solution

Blog Maintenance Ad In light of my recent post at Blog for Profit entitled, WordPress Wisdom; What You Can Learn from Robert Scoble’s Hacking,I took some time to think how I could use the information to help my clients and others.

I found myself thinking that if someone like Robert Scoble, who is definitely considered a ‘blog expert’ could overlook simple security measures, what about people like my clients?  My clients and potential clients are busy practicing law or teaching classes or coaching. They are seeking my services because their time to do administrative and techie tasks is severely limited.

In some cases, the time it might take them to learn how to do those simple backups and updates just isn’t there.  It isn’t that they don’t understand the need to perform these maintenance tasks, it’s just that at the end of each day they somehow haven’t been able to fit it in.

It seemed a natural conclusion to create a Blog Maintenance Service Package. So that’s what I’ve done.   The package consists of weekly blog backups, updates to plug-ins and WordPress as needed, an SEO & broken link check-up and assistance with up to 5 blog/blogsite ‘issues’ per month ( requiring up to two hours of skilled assistance).  I’m offering this service package for what would normally only cover the 2 hours of skilled service alone.

Now there isn’t an excuse for procrastinating and possibly paying the price of lost content. If you don’t have the time to do necessary blog maintenance yourself, you have the option of having someone else do it for you. You can check one more thing off your to-do list and breath a little easier knowing you’ve taken precautions to keep your blog content safe.

If a Blog Maintenance Service Package sounds like the just the thing you need, contact me soon.  I expect this to become a very popular package.

It's That Time Again...

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