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Making Headway

Ta-da! Here it is, the new and improved Clerical Advantage site on Headway.  I sort of let the cat out of the bag in my last post, but at the time wasn’t quite ready for the unveiling.

So here it is.  I bet your first reaction is that it’s not that much different, right?  Bear with me, there are changes on the horizon, but for now I was interested in keeping it pretty similar and doing it quickly and easily.   Besides, the big difference isn’t so much what you see here, but what I see in the WordPress Dashboard.

For example, no more messing with ftp to change my header.  I can click into the Headway Design section under Appearance in my Dashboard and click on the Header tab (see the screenshot below).  Now I can simply input the location of the file that I uploaded to my media library (via the WP dashboard, not ftp) and voila, my header is in place.  I can even choose how I want it to appear and whether I want the navigation above or below the header from this same page.


In fact, if it hadn’t been for wanting my cork board image background, I wouldn’t have needed to use my ftp client to do anything in order to build this website.

I know the next thing you’re going to ask, you’re going to want to know how much CSS coding I had to mess with to get my site looking like this right?  I’ll admit that before switching to Headway, I had to do a good deal of coding to get the desired effects, colors and sections I wanted.  But with Headway, I did very little coding at all.  In fact I believe I only inserted 4 custom codes and they were to do the following:

  • My background image of the cork boardhdwypinktitle
  • The color and  lines at the top and bottom of leafs and widgets where the titles are like you see at the right.
  • The pink box with the subscribe info after each post and the blue box with the Headway info after each post.

As you can see, none of these items were absolutely necessary to making a unique and professional looking site, just my own need for following my creative muse.

But that’s the thing I love most about using Headway, I can make changes easily and on the fly when I need to but then when I want to get my hands dirty with a bit of creativity and coding I can do that too.  It’s that versatile.

For me, working with Headway is kind of like playing the Sims, I never get tired of building and decorating those Sim’s houses.  And I can tell that I’m going have just as much fun improving and adding to my site to make it work better for my visitors and my clients. Keep watching for changes, it’ll be fun.

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