Why You Should Re-think That Low-Cost Virtual Assistant

I’ve had a lot of small business people who need help with their business tell me that my rates were too high.  Heck, I’ve even had a person or two tell me I was crazy to charge that much when anyone can go to one of the freelance websites and find an army of virtual … Read more

Getting Clients-Price isn’t your Problem

Since my post on virtual assistant rates continues to be discovered and enjoyed almost two months after I first published it, I thought perhaps it was time for another post on pricing for service related businesses. Yes, that includes virtual assistants.

And since we already tackled the issue of not charging enough, let’s move on to the first major complaint I get when I tell people they need to raise prices.

“It will keep me from getting clients.”

But that’s just not true.

Think about it.  How much does their mechanic charge per hour? How much do they spend eating out per month?  People will pay for what they want or what they need.

It’s not your price that keeps them from working with you.

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Virtual Assistant Rates- You Want to Charge What?

Don’t let the title mislead you, this post is for both those of you that are interested in using a virtual assistant as well as virtual assistants themselves ( and those that want to be one). I love hanging around the virtual assistant forums. It’s become just one of the ways that I try to … Read more

How Do You Handle Rate Negotiation?

negotiateI recently followed a thread on one of the forums I frequent that told the story of a virtual assistant  contacted by a potential client who was actually shopping around for the lowest price during their consultation call.

While I think it’s rather rude to be doing price negotiations with several professionals while on a consultation call with another, it’s human nature to search for a bargain. Add to that the fact that many popular books promote finding the cheapest virtual assistant possible and it can add a layer of frustration to the consultation process. And I’m sure that it happens to other service providers as well.

So what do you do when you find yourself dealing with a potential client who wants to negotiate?

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