Who’s Building Your Website?

With the popularity of WordPress new ‘website designers’ are coming out of the woodwork.  It’s true, the WordPress CMS framework is ideal for business websites as well as easy to work with in comparison to flash and html websites. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can create a well designed, professional website  that is uniquely fit to your business.

The truth of the matter is that some of the so-called designers are totally reliant on pre-fabricated WordPress theme designs and plugins.  Don’t get me wrong, part of the beauty of WordPress lies in plugins and themes, but there should be a lot more to building your business website than adding a custom header to a theme and installing a bunch of plugins.

The Mechanics

A good WordPress website designer is going to have skills that allow them to go beyond themes and templates.  They will understand the theme they use as well as its capabilities and know how to use them to get the look and functions you need.   A really good designer should also know how to use CSS, HTML and PHP coding to do things like position elements uniquely and add functionality.  And a great WordPress designer is also going to understand the possibility of conflicts when it comes to plugins and know how to troubleshoot, find the cause of conflicts and repair a ‘broken’ website.

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Is WordPress Secure…is it Safe?

Those of you that have been reading here for awhile know that I’m a believer in building your business website on  the WordPress framework (and strongly recommend the Headway theme).  But articles like this one that I read this morning always prompt people to ask, “Is WordPress Safe…is it Secure?”

My answer ? Yes, absolutely.  So how do I explain 30,000 websites being hijacked as the above mentioned article described?  A combination of sloppiness and lack of knowledge.

Because WordPress makes it super easy to create a website, tons of people are doing just that, but unlike  self proclaimed geeks like me, they aren’t aware of some of the simple things that you must do to secure your site. It’s not a weakness in WordPress, but rather sensible ‘housekeeping’ type tasks that should be done on every installation.

1. Create a unique username.  Don’t use the standard ‘admin’ user name.  If it was created automatically, create a new user with administrative privileges with a more unique username and delete the admin account once you’ve logged in with the new one.  For even more security in your username use upper and lower case letters and a symbol or two thrown in for good measure. 

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Business Lesson of the Week: Standing out in the Crowd

Disclaimer: I know that I use virtual professionals (virtual assistants, virtual paralegals, etc.) as an example in a lot of my posts, like the one yesterday for example.  But to be honest, most of my posts, e-books and coaching materials apply to any small or micro-business providing services. I just happen to have the inside scoop on my own industry, and like most people, I write what I know.  So for my readers that aren’t virtual professionals, just replace that term with your own industry, because trust me, it applies there too.


notlikeothersYesterday I published a post about some pretty sucky websites that I’d observed during a web search for virtual professionals.  I’m sure a cry went up from tons of people with free or template driven websites defending their choice. And I know of at least one person that complained that my website was, in their own words and spelling:

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Your Business Website is Your Online Sign

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Why a Business Website Beats the Yellow Pages (& Earns You My Money)

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