The Virtual Alternative, the new way of doing business Part 1

Virtual assistants are beginning to gain a bit of recognition in the media. Even Good Morning America has recognized them.  But in my little corner of the woods the words ‘virtual assistant’ still draw blank stares from the individuals I talk to. And when I explain what a virtual assistant is, I can almost see the wheels start turning in their heads.  I’m sure the first thought in many of these business professionals heads is, “It’s impossible for someone to do the job of an in-house employee out of my office.”  It’s the same mentality that occured years ago when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were trying to tell people that every office needed a computer. Can you imagine an office without any computers now?  It’s a ridiculous thought isn’t it?  Someday we’re going to say that same thing about virtual assistants or virtual consultants.  Don’t believe me? 

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