Thoughts on Memorial Day

Starting your own business is the stuff the ‘American Dream’ is made of.  The fact is that in the U.S.A., anyone with the passion and drive to take their dream to reality can do so.  It’s one of our freedoms. We should never, ever forget that those freedoms come at a price.  I’m taking a … Read more

I’ve Put Website On The Menu

Over the past 18 months my WordPress website creation services, offered under my Girly Girl Geek division, have become extremely popular.When I started offering the service I offered several money saving ‘packages’ as well as more individualized sites that required a consultation, estimates and a higher price tag.  One was quick, easy and inexpensive, the other was highly customized, more time consuming and could get expensive depending upon the site.

About three months ago I started to wonder if there was a way to give clients both. I wondered;

What if getting a powerful WordPress website were as easy as ordering a pizza?

Read moreI’ve Put Website On The Menu

Domain names, Hosting and WordPress…Oh My! (Part II)

(This is the second in a series of posts covering the basics of  what  you need to know in order to create your business website with WordPress) In the last post, I discussed the fact that there are two versions of WordPress, .com and .org as well as which is the preferred choice for building … Read more

Why a Business Website Beats the Yellow Pages (& Earns You My Money)

Moving to a new area can teach you a lot of things, but it wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur that I noticed it can also educate you about business.  And more specifically about how fearful businesses can be about making changes. I’ve been bit surprised at how many local businesses here in my corner … Read more

And the Winner Is…

After reading lots of excuses, I decided there was no way I could choose a winner of the Excuse Buster contest based on excuses.  In the end, I put all of the entries into a hat and had an independent party (my son) draw a name. And the winner is… Lynne DeVenny aka @ExpertParalegal ,well … Read more