Pretty Planning

There are endless reasons why someone might choose paper over digital planning. Maybe one of the most appealing reasons, though, is because of a new trend that’s on the rise. This trend involves turning paper planning into almost pieces of art. If you are an artist, (or maybe you’re not but you like to dabble in arts and … Read more

Skype for Businesses Tips and Tricks

Guest Post: Tips & Tricks for Using Skype for Business

Tips from T.Marie is happy to offer the following guest post by Kathy Finsterle. Like most innovations, Skype is constantly adapting to fit the needs of its users. Recently, Skype revealed a new application aptly named “Skype for Business” that is designed to connect businesses and their members not just socially but in ways that … Read more

Virtual Paralegals: “It’s a Good Thing”

Lynne DeVenny, aka @ExpertParalegal and I have had a nifty little mutual admiration society on Twitter for a while now. She’s introduced me to wonderful things like her blog Practical Paralegalism, Green Tea Slushies and @Richard Prickman. Ok, so that last one may not be considered by all to be wonderful, but he is entertaining. … Read more

Virtual Book Tour- An Interview with Rita Cartwright

The Clerical Advantage Conference Table has been lucky enough to be chosen as a stop on Rita Cartwright’s Virtual Book Tour for her new e-book, ” Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business“.   I got a chance to interview Rita to find out more about her and her very pertinent e-book. TH:      Why did you … Read more