Electronic Vigilance in Four Easy Steps

As an entrepreneur whose business is built around the marvels of computers and the Internet, I am what one would classify as a ‘computer geek’. I wear the title with pride.  I introduce my clients to a variety of on-line and electronic alternatives to the so-called traditional ways of doing business. Here at the conference table I’ve discussed some of those alternatives.  I’ve also discussed the technophobia that some people have to deal with.  Much of it can be traced directly to horror stories of hackers and identity thieves. And while it can’t be denied that these situations occur, there are a few simple steps that can alleviate the fear of it happening to you.

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Word of Mouth

Old school businesspeople swear by word of mouth as the best way of marketing a business. While I believe this is still true, word of mouth no longer is restricted to one person telling another about their personal experiences with a given company or business.  It used to be that if you had a good experience you’d probably mention it to friends, family and acquaintances the next time the opportunity arose.  And although it certainly generated business, in today’s technological world it gets bigger and better.  Are you asking how yet?

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What’s on Your Website??

A business website. Do you have one? As I mentioned in an earlier post, every business in today’s market needs a website.  It amazes me that some business people are still dragging their feet on this one.  Perhaps its because there are still some people out there telling business owners that they don’t necessarily need one. I believe that’s like telling them they don’t need a telephone. The Internet is where the majority of people go for their information now, if you don’t have a presence on the web, you’re missing out on reaching new clients and meeting the needs of the ones you already have.  Don’t believe me? 

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