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It’s been rather quiet here at the Conference Table this past week.  I promise I have a good reason.  I’ve been preparing materials to teach  my first class on virtual assistance.  Through my local adult education program, I’m offering an introductory class on virtual assistance. It is focused on introducing business owners and individuals interested … Read more

Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part Three

I’m bringing you part three of my series sharing just how the client/virtual assistant relationship works in real life situation…my own.  If you missed Part One and Part Two go ahead and check them out to see how it all began.

In my prior business life, starting a new job always required a learning curve. Now as a business owner providing services to a client I’ve come to recognize that each client also requires a learning curve.  My title processing client was no exception.

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Going Virtual: Sharing the Adventure- Part One

For virtual assistants like myself, I believe one of the most common problems in landing that first client is the fact that many business owners are skeptical that their work can be done from a home office.  They can’t wrap their heads around the concept of being ‘paper-less’  or having their work done by someone they may never get to talk to face to face.  And until a start up virtual assistant has some first hand experience, it’s not always easy to explain in detail just how well virtual assistance can mold itself to the client’s individual needs.  What do you say when a potential client says, ” I don’t see how this job can be done outside of my office.”?  Ok, so maybe you can’t say, “I have a client with a similar set up and this is how we do it.”  But what if you could say, ” I know another virtual assistant, like myself, who has a client with a similar set up to yours and this is what they do.”?  That’s why, in the interest of helping and educating others, I’m going to share a bit of my experience here. In as many installments as it takes, I am going to tell the story of my first retainer client, what I got right and what I got wrong.   Part One goes like this…

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Business on a Bootstrap

One of the first things most people think about when entertaining the thought of starting their own business is financing.  Once upon a time, when the kingdom was carefree with low gas prices and real estate was king, it was relatively simple to find financing for a start up business. But alas, King Real Estate has fallen and lending institutions are much less likely to lend money to just anyone with a new idea.  So what is a fledgling entrepreneur to do?  There are avenues that may work for certain businesses, but for some the answer comes to us from the ‘olden’ days.  I recall my grandfather using the phrase “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”. Even as  child I got the idea that it was something that required a bit of effort. 

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Electronic Vigilance in Four Easy Steps

As an entrepreneur whose business is built around the marvels of computers and the Internet, I am what one would classify as a ‘computer geek’. I wear the title with pride.  I introduce my clients to a variety of on-line and electronic alternatives to the so-called traditional ways of doing business. Here at the conference table I’ve discussed some of those alternatives.  I’ve also discussed the technophobia that some people have to deal with.  Much of it can be traced directly to horror stories of hackers and identity thieves. And while it can’t be denied that these situations occur, there are a few simple steps that can alleviate the fear of it happening to you.

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Word of Mouth

Old school businesspeople swear by word of mouth as the best way of marketing a business. While I believe this is still true, word of mouth no longer is restricted to one person telling another about their personal experiences with a given company or business.  It used to be that if you had a good experience you’d probably mention it to friends, family and acquaintances the next time the opportunity arose.  And although it certainly generated business, in today’s technological world it gets bigger and better.  Are you asking how yet?

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